zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

Andorra: Coma Pedrosa (2941 m)

De Coma Pedrosa is niet de mooiste berg van Europa, maar de wandeling erheen is wel mooi.

De Coma Pedrosa hut ligt naast de normaalroute vanuit het dorp Arinsal.
Hij is bewirtschaftet van juni tot oktober, dus als ik er eind oktober ben zal ik wel in het Winterraum moeten slapen.

Het laatste stuk is kaal. Hopelijk ligt er eind oktober nog geen sneeuw.

Februari ziet de topgraat er zo uit.
Nou ja, dan kom ik ook nog wel boven.

Coma Pedrosa is a large mountain, that rises more than 1.500 meters above the village of Arinsal, situated at the bottom of a narrow valley. In winter and spring, snow and ice cover the summit and surroundings, and then it’s the best opportunity to use the skies, ice-axe and crampons or even the snowshoes.
Forests are frequent: pines, firs and birchs are the main trees. Wonderful meadows and glacier lakes surround the mountain, but in the highest points some rocky ridges difficult the ascent. In summer, the snow disappears and lot of mountaineers climb Coma Pedrosa because of its easy and not-technical climb by the normal route. Some of them are following the nearby GR-11 (the trail that joins Mediterranean and Cantabrian seas through the spanish and Andorran Pyrenees) that crosses from the valley of Arinsal (in Andorra) to the close valley of Vall Ferrera (in Spain) through the port of Baiau (mountain pass).

Summer: is the best season to climb Coma Pedrosa to people without experience in snow/ice climbing. Rocky areas replace to snowy slopes, that remains in small places, preferentially located in north faces. Days are longer (in june, the sunset is about 22:00 p.m.) and temperatures are pleasant.

Autumn: you can find lot of contrasts, even in the same day. Snow appears plentifully at the end of this season, but hot days aren’t rare, even in october.

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